Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Went for my MRI results last week ughhhhh

This sucks I have to go back to the pain management clinic and start nerve block injections. Before I just used to go get corticosteroid injections in L4 L5 region before the surgery now there's a protrusion at L3 and that's whats causing the numbness and lack of feeling in my foot. In addition while I try to cook my tail bone and down the front of both thighs It gets totally numb and no feeling what so ever I make it to the couch and after a while the feelings start to come back gradually and there is a cold sensation that gradually moves up both legs until the feelings come back. They claim the nerve blocks will help this problem we will see! Pray for me everyone!


  1. Of course, you are in my prayers.

  2. I had those shots they give in the tailbone, and unfortunately, they didn't work for me. I have a problem with the sciatic nerve. After three or four tries, I refused to get them anymore. My mother did the same and the one time she had it done, it only worked for a week. Plus, she had a problem with them getting the needle in due to having broken her tailbone three times.

    I pray that the shot do the trick and work wonderfully for you.

  3. Cindy, They didn't work now they are trying them on my knee! I already had one surgery and they are talking about another one!