Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Another procedure on Friday

I have to go to the radiologists on Friday and get dye inserted in my spinal canal soon after they will do a Myelogram and another catscan. I must follow their instructions to the T or I can get a severe spinal headache never had one of those never want to get one! I had quite a few finishes in July A black T-shirt with a fancy letter B, a white T-shirt with a fancy letter D, A ducky bib, a winnie the pooh bib, a mickey mouse, a keychain, two poems and two baseball caps with Initials on them. I have been extremely busy with the stitching trying to keep my mind off the pain half the time lying down due to spasms and severe pain! But God is good and watches over me and I take one day at a time. I pray someday to get pain free and to have my stash replenished the way it once was before I lost all of it getting away from all the violence. When I get my disability real soon, I won my case, I am going to buy me some nice stash. All my stitching goes to others I don't keep anything for myself. I enjoy my Yahoo groups and the 123 message board very much, I have made great stitching friends I enjoy each and every friendship

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