Saturday, January 28, 2012

I had a nice weekend and will be stitching if the wind doesn't blow me away!

Hi everyone been real busy starting with Friday homework from 3 til 6 when I got a surprise visit from Anjanique and her mommy! I visited with them until 10:30 pm then I resumed homework no stitching Friday, I resumed homework after she left and did homework which was due Saturday I worked until 2 a.m. I finished the homework this morning and stitched the day away I am working hard on a Valentine's Competition piece that is due Feb 26 on my Yahoo group the autumn one was disappointing I didn't fair well I didn't realize a fancy finish would win it I framed my work! I also have to finish up my Valentine's exchange piece pics later to follow then I have to also do my St. Patrick's Day exchange piece. I have to make time for my six fat men SAL, my Halloween House SAL, my snowman SAL, my Oak Haven SAL, my Lizzie Kate SAL. I also am participating in the floss swap on my yahoo group, birthday floss swap yahoo group, secret sister my third round I love it so exciting giving and receiving I am awaiting another small model stitching piece have to work on that above all the others. I will post pics either tonight on my progress on my SA L's, and of ms.Anjanique! I love all my stitching sisters and all my fellow stitchers much love! The wind here is 40 mph everything is blowing like crazy if the wind doesn't blow me away I will continue to stitch!