Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Need lots of prayers

Please pray for My oldest daughter Erica went into premature labor today she isn't due until June 6th she is 2 cm so far they said shes in active labor I am waiting for them to transfer her to the best neonatal hospital there is Strong Memorial Hospital. I am praying hard and crying lots her first child was a stillborn her other ones are 7 and 5 they are pictured on my blog they are here almost every weekend! I am enclosing a pic of my DD so you all can see who you are praying for!
Lots of love and Hugs


  1. Prayers for Erica, Dreh'ym and you Kim.

  2. will send a lot of good vibrations towards your daughter. hope everything will be fine. hugs

  3. Thank you Faith and Dulcinella things are going smoothly so far thank God

  4. I send all my best thoughts and wishes to them and you! My god children, twins, were born on 27th week and they were so they are 3 and half year old, big and basically healthy! Hoping same to them too