Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sunday Morning this time change is annoying!

Hi everyone sorry its been so long since my last post been so busy with homework and stitching this time change is causing me to lose an hour of sleep I barely get any as it is, I am finally finished another model I worked hard on it, now I am working hard to hurry up and finish a St.Patrick's Day exchange piece its a Lizzie * Kate. I am going to hurry and finish and then do a bookmark for another group's exchange. I then have to work on my snowman #10, my six fat men, and my Halloween House and then I have a couple of bibs to do then a couple more Lizzie * Kate's then I will have free time to work on something I have been itching to do my tribal butterfly and Santa hat, and a sewing machine stitching. I had a visit from Ms. Anjanique today she is getting so big she is 4 months old now and such a personality she was talking to me and smiling and trying to copy hand gestures. I will have pics of the new works real soon I finally broke down and bought a digital camera the pics with your phone just don't look as good as a camera. I will post again soon a lot sooner than the last post I promise. Hugs Feel free to leave comments I love to read them.


  1. Great news! I'm looking forward to lots of progress pics with your new digital camera! Especially a pic of Halloween House! Sorry to hear that you lost a precious hour with Daylight Savings Time, though. You certainly sound like a very busy woman!

  2. Wow you have lots of WIP going on right now. Can't wait to see your progress. Congrats on your new camera.