Monday, March 19, 2012

Well Sunday's over getting ready for another week!

I had a finish today a St. Patrick's Day ornament for an exchange on the message board it was supposed to be finished before St. Patrick's Day but I had a real lengthy term paper due for my Human Resource class boy was that a lot of work only a week to put it all together I handed it in last night that was only one part of homework I had four assignments in Small Business Management, three in Human Resource, and three in personal finance. I had another finish last week my model I had been working on I got to order some real nice patterns, a sewing machine charm, a gift pack of specialty floss can't wait to my new stash gets here. I am just about finished the bookmark for a yahoo group exchange, then I have to work on my six fat men, and rotate that with a baby boy cap and bib, and a pink bonnet for the two new grands coming in the next few months, can't wait! I want to start my sewing machine by Imaginating its a sewing machine entirely made up of words all about stitching it's real cool then eventually I want to do my two tribals one is a butterfly, the other is a Santa hat by White Willow Stitching. I have a bunch of Lizzie Kate's to do for the sal on my yahoo group. I had three grands this weekend Jamyah, Jamari, and Sharece, I took them all to Burger King today for a free small fry with green ketchup, they thought it was the coolest thing ever. It was 76 here today a new record the rest of the week is going to be just as hot for March this is crazy! It is messing up NY states maple syrup, maple sugar industry they depend on the weather being regular this time of year. Well have a great week everyone!


  1. Wow! You sure are busy! Green ketchup at Burger King?! LOL. I'm looking forward to seeing all your projects as they grow.

  2. Sounds like a you had a wonderful time with the grandbabies! Can't wait to all your WIP.
    Happy Stitching