Monday, May 21, 2012

She's coming home in two weeks!!!!

YAY Drehym is coming home in two weeks there are lots of restrictions she still is going to be fed through a NG tube and a few cc's via bottle she still has her colostomy but she is doing great I went to see her Friday I go to hold her for the second time since birth at birth I held her for all of 7 seconds, I got to hold her for over an hour I feel great she has chubby little cheeks she was smiling at me while I talked to her. She actually did purposeful reaching the nurse called her she reached up and touched her mama's cheek. I thank everyone thus far for all the prayers and good wishes I believe if it wasn't for the prayers she wouldn't have made it this far today. Have a wonderful day!


  1. So pleased to hear that Drehym has made good progress and will soon be coming home. Hugz, Margaret, Brisbane, Australia

  2. Thank you Margaret!
    Hugs to you Kim

  3. She is a little cutie !! I hope she continues to improve. Best of luck to your family.