Friday, July 20, 2012

Now The Nerves Begin

The doctors told Erica today that on August 30th, my daughter and grandsons birthday, Drehym will have to be readmitted to the hospital and on August 31st she will undergo another surgery to reconnect her healed intestine to her colon she will be blown up like a balloon for her to be able to heal properly. She will need to spend 7 days in the hospital, we are praying for another positive outcome. I have faith that God will see this through I would ask if all our cyber family please pray very hard for her at the end of August and anytime you pray please keep my sweetheart in Prayer.

Love Kim


  1. i am thinking of you all so much and praying here alot.
    big hugs xxx

  2. Thank you so much Cucki you have the biggest heart of anyone I know you care so much about others wish we could meet someday my sister!
    Hugs and Love

  3. Keeping this sweet baby and all your family in my prayers for a successful outcome. She is a strong little fighter...I am sure she will come through this safely ! Love and hugs, Linda

  4. Am going to have my entire church pray for her by adding her on our list. Amazing things happen all of the time and medicine today is superb! Hugs, Christina