Thursday, October 4, 2012

Hello 46th I am happy to see you!

Hey all my friends and followers I made it to another birthday I am 46 today yay!!!! I got a few calls after midnight, many packages from my birthday club through I love cross stitch, my 3rd oldest made me a homemade giant card, my two little grandboys came in my room and sang happy birthday to me, hubby got me a rubber portable keyboard that hooks up through the usb its water proof too I am gonna hook it up to my laptop, I am getting more gifts from him tomorrow and dinner and movies, I have to go visit my son for half hour today, my oldest Erica is going to buy me a gift! I got many emails wishing me a happy one


  1. Happy birthday dear..have a lovely day xxx

  2. Happy Birthday!! Wishing you a wonderful and blessed day with your family!!

  3. Thank you both very much!
    Love and Hugs Kim