Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Boy am I behind it's almost December!

Hi friends sorry I missed the month of November almost life has been super busy preparing for Thanksgiving, getting started on Christmas shopping, my new school program for my bachelor's degree is hard as can be I am struggling to keep my head above water this semester. Halloween was fun drove a van full of 15 my kids, their kids, and son in laws! It got really cold so I went to meet the crew they had walked to the suburbs I got Drehym in the van and shortly after we were full beyond capacity.
On the stitching front I finished a few Halloween ornies, Thanksgiving ornie, almost done a Christmas ornie all for exchanges I have two more Christmas ones then I can stitch some of the charts I got for my birthday. The Christmas wishlist on 123 stitch MB was so generous a wonderful lady Mary in CA ordered for me a 11 x 11 q-snap, and the Chart Mantle Mice by Imaginating. A sweet lady saw my requests and sent me a package with six beautiful hand dyed pieces of Aida in pink, pink marbled, peach, lavender, a greyish lavender they are incredible her name is Gayle. I just won a beautiful old school Santa kit from dimensions gold from a pif contest on 123mb.
My group on Yahoo is going well we are up to 31 members not bad since we just got established on June 19th of this year we already had 4 exchanges that were successful the fourth one is in session right now its the mittens and hats exchange.Below are a few pics to catch you all up the first is my furkid Midnight in my fall flower basket where she isn't supposed to be. The following three are some of my grands that sported their Halloween costumes, and the remaining pics are three of my finishes the others I can't show yet but when I am able I sure will!
Happy Thanksgiving to you all and your wonderful families!

Hugs to next time Kim


  1. What a nice update! It would have been great to see a pic of that van-full! Wow! Those are adorable ornaments. Great stitching!

  2. Wow very cute ornament..
    Hugs x

  3. The kids are getting big and those ornaments are so cute.

  4. Love the pix
    check out my blog I mentioned you there