Wednesday, February 20, 2013

It's Official Another Spinal Surgery

I went for the results of my lumbar puncture(Myelogram)today, my spine surgeon showed me the pictures the spinal stenosis has gotten bad, that is what's causing the horrible pressure, pain, leg cramps, and aggravation. It has herniated my disc and pushed it out and it is smushing my nerves causing havoc. I already had L4 and L5 fusioned and a lamenectomy with bone graft, while they were in there they found two double herinated discs that were replaced with metal cages, my fusion was secured with rods and screws they used pelvic bone they harvested. I will be having the same procedure only on L3 and L4 area relieving so much pressure and pain it going to be a major relief although I am scared please pray for me I will be getting the date in about a week, they are scheduling out about 4-6 weeks. I will spend 3 or more days in the hospital and then many months of healing wearing my heavy back brace I call it my bullet proof vest. I will keep everyone updated. Hugs to you all. Please leave a comment I love to read them! UPDATE: The surgery is on April 8th