Wednesday, February 20, 2013

New Record two posts in one day! WIP and more...

Hi everyone wow two post in one day from me! I want to share my progress every few days with a pretty big project for me Cabana Club by White Willow Stitching it is an extremely fun stitch I will show a pic of day one and day two I haven't worked on it yet tonight have to finish my homework first then a couple of hours on it. I am finishing a little bit on the flamingo's neck and then the beak (the black part) then I can finally take a break from oodles of pinks and use a whole bunch of yellows this project has many colors all cross stitches no fractional's or half stitching, no back stitching so I am definitely loving it! I am using 14 ct aida blue marble it calls for aida sky blue so the color is close. It has 35 colors whew! 16 of them are greens, 4 yellows, 1 black, 2 browns, 7 pinks, 3 blues, 2 oranges. The colors are vibrant, fun, full of life and the end result it a funtastic design I am going to love hanging in my home. The whole design measures 168 x 209 stitches or 12.00 x 14.93 inches and it calls for DMC. I wouldn't be grannystitches without one pic of my grand lol here is a professional shot copy of Drehym that was done yesterday she is gorgeous and so photogenic she is going to be 11 months would be on the 30th but there is non lol! Erica said she is trying to crawl all over now sorta an army type of crawl, scoot type of thing. Lastly anyone interested we would love you to join our wonderful group of close stitchers it is a Yahoo group I started and own and made a wonderful woman Shanda my co-owner she is definitely the glue that holds the group together we have a gent also we consider him our brother we don't discriminate and we are open to any new suggestions to keep the group fun and up beat for everyone for info email me at, the name of the group is Sisters_Stitching_Sharing_Life to just join without information you would go to Hugs and Happy Stitching to all my wonderful friends! Please leave me a comment I love to read them let me know how you like my stitching progress!


  1. Your flamingos are looking great.

    Drehym is so cute.


  2. Cabana Club looks like a wonderful bright design! It will make everyone smile!