Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Oh Boy I'm Behind in Posting Major Updates Pic Heavy)!!!

Hi everyone sorry for the huge gaps so much going on I had my second back surgery in April it went pretty good I am still healing I start physical therapy in September. Maria my daughter with cervical cancer had her surgery finally in July we are still awaiting the results to see if it has spread or if they got it all I am praying very hard. I had three grand babies graduate one from Kindergarten and 2 from Pre-K. I have a grandson on the way due Dec 9th and my Daughter in Law is due on December 26 not sure of the sex of that grand yet this is going to bring the grand total to 15 grands whew!
On the stitching front I have been stitching my happy butt off lol! I have had three finishes in one week and a new start on Stacking Snowmen by Ursula Michael produced by Imaginating this past weekend I put in 1100 plus stitches and my needles are still smoking! I started a L*K, I worked more on my L*K mystery sampler until I had to do a major frog went on the site and found there was a major chart correction UGHHH! I worked on my Cabana Club also but the snowmen have stolen my attention for the moment. We started having weekend challenges on the Yahoo group I own my co-owner came up with the idea and it really has encouraged us all to stitch our butts off! I gave the numbers this weekend my favorite number is 4 so I set the goal at 444 stitches each day Sat. and Sun. All who accepted the challenge exceeded the goal and have major progress on the work they were doing. I'm proud of all of them and myself too lol! I am going to show some newer pics of the newer grands and my stitching.
Hugs to next time! Kim
A Patriotic finishes
A L*K Love is Best

My Progress over the weekend on Stacking Snowmen

My Cabana Club Progress
Baby Cedrick
Baby Drehym
Jamyah and Drehym
The Crew
Maria and I Twins

Mariah's Graduation Maria, Lil Lu, Amerah, Mariah
Hope you enjoyed! Until next time! Hugs and Happy Stitching!


  1. Nice stitching and you have a beautiful family!

  2. It's great to see the results of your smokin' needles! Stacking Snowmen and the L*K designs are wonderful. I didn't know there was a chart correction on the L*K Mystery Sampler! Guess I better go check the website. I'm still on Part 1.