Sunday, October 13, 2013

My Fall Update

I am sorry for being behind in posting so with that being said here is my fall update! In July Maria had her surgery for the cervical cancer it was a SUCCESS she is in remission God is so good! My son DaVante turned 20. In August Maria celebrated her 26th birthday and my grandson Sharece celebrated his 5th birthday both on the 30th. In September my granddaughter Jamyah celebrated her 9th birthday on the 8th, my fiances birthday was on the 9th, my grand daughter Amerah turned 3 on the 13th, and my son Sammie Jr turned 21 on the 25th Whew lots of birthdays! My birthday was October 4th we won't discuss how old(young) I am now. My grandson Jamari turned 7 on the 6th! I finished the Stacking Snowmen on the 4th an hour after my birthday came in YAY!!!! I have started a Halloween stitching by L*K and will soon start on Part I of the new L*K Christmas Mystery Sampler and eventually get to part 2 and I am eagerly awaiting the 3rd and final part to be released in November. The landlord is selling our house so at the end of my lease I will have to move I have been here four years and love the house and the area. I have been in a tremendous amount of pain lately seems sometimes the pain meds don't help. Thanks for stopping by I will try to post a little more regular than I have been doing.
Jamyah at Nickelodeon hotel for her birthday gift she went to Disney too!
Sharece birthday video singing!
Sam Jr
Jamari and Jamyah first day of school

Amerah and Lu Jr

Stacking Snowmen Finished!
I dyed my hair burgundy for my birthday these pics were taken on my birthday
I was being silly lol!We are expecting a grandson in December my daughter and my DIL is having my grand daughter in December!
Hugs to next time!


  1. Sweet pictures
    Love for your family
    Hugs x

  2. Wow! A lot of birthdays and still growing! Nice pictures of you, laughing with you being silly. Stacking Snowmen looks fantastic! Sorry about the move and your pain.