Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day!

Hi everyone Happy Mother's Day out there to everyone! This includes fur-moms, God-moms, those that have made a difference in a child's life too! I hope you all had a wonderful day! I cleaned up, dyed my hair (too many gray's), took care of the kittens and now I am sitting down to stitch! My daughter threw a BBQ but I have too much to get done for the inspection on Tuesday this week. My oldest DD Erica sent me a yummy plate with way too much food I shared with my oldest son that lives at home with me. I received nice gifts from the kids a artificial rose get this the rose is a bottle of perfume so dang cool, A large Vanilla Blossom candle that smells fabulous, an adorable card. My second oldest said she is going to be giving me another gift a little late. My oldest grand daughter Jamyah used her only dollar to go to the store to buy me a cup of coffee this morning. How adorable and sweet is that? I am adding a couple of pics of my girls as babies and their baby next to them looking like twins unbelievable! Talk to you all real soon off to stitch love, hug, and happiness!
 Me holding my grandson, top right Jaleesa 23, middle Carlita 25, bottom Maria 27
 Baby on the left Anjanique and baby on the right Jaleesa in 1991 Anji's mom! Twins
Baby on the left Carlita born in 1989, baby on the right baby Micheal born this December!Twins

A couple of kitty pic's!

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