Saturday, August 23, 2014

We Did It! We Got Married!

On the 20th August we got married at City Hall many family members were there. We had a small get together afterwards, then off with my 4th oldest daughter and her fiance to Olive Garden for a good dinner. We took them home afterwards and journeyed to our hotel for our honeymoon, the place was really nice a Keurig coffee maker in the room how cool is that! The next morning we got early and went to Denny's for a scrumptious breakfast, then a nice drive in the country. We stopped a sports store for hubby to window shop lol men! We left there and went to see Spiderman the newest one the car chase was filmed right here were I live in Rochester, NY. We then went home and rested a while then we went to Applebees we had a yummy dinner I had steak, mashies and broccoli, hubby had the new burger Ques-ideas it was two of them and fries for the appetizer we had boneless honey bbq chicken with blue cheese. We are now recuperating from our fun escapade. Enclosed are lots of pics!
Thanks for listening and viewing our special day!


  1. Congratulations, sounds like you had a lovely day. I hope you have a long and happy marriage xx

  2. Dow! Congratulations - what a lovely, happy, update! May you be very happy together :)