Monday, March 16, 2015

Long Overdue Update Pic Heavy

Blog Update for September thru March

Grandmas Pardon the dirt spot

Hi everyone Happy St. Patrick's Day to all my friends, followers, and folks in Blogger land! I have had an extremely long winter one of the coldest February in history so many days under 0! We had lots of snow too!!! I have been a busy grandma, mother, and wife. September brought me my new husbands birthday the 9th, my oldest granddaughter Jamyah's  was on the 8th she celebrated her10th birthday, my granddaughter Amerah's 4th birthday was on the 13th, and my oldest son Jr's 22nd birthday was on the 25th. October brought in my birthday on the 4th, and my grandson Jamari's 8th birthday was on the the 6th. In November we celebrated Anjanique's 3rd birthday on the 11th and Thanksgiving. Fast forward to December we celebrated baby Micheal's 1st birthday on the 3rd, my youngest daughter Samantha's 19th birthday on the 7th, the 14th was Erica's 29th birthday Christmas, and then Baby Trinity's 1st birthday was on the 28th, wheww!!! No January birthdays thank goodness! But Happy Belated New Year to all of you! February brought me quite a few birthday's again, Carlita celebrated her 26th birthday on the 3rd , Jaleesa's 24th birthday was on the 14th, Luis Jr's 5th birthday was on the 16th and Valentine's Day.  March winds blew in Lil Cedrick's 2nd birthday was on the 4th , and Drehym's birthday is on the 30th can you believe she's going to be 3 can you believe its been three years already for those that don't know her story its here on the blog. Erica had a double birthday party for Drehym and Cedrick on the 7th she had a Bubble Guppie's themed party from the Nickalodean it was a success! I have more birthdays to post soon 2 in April, 2 in May none in June thank goodness, July there are 2, August there are 2 also. I will update each month of the birthdays to show you who they all are.
Anjanique  and her Noman

Me and Ms. Trinity
Baby Micheal
Terrible snow

Lil Luis Jr he is a box troll



Top left is Maria, bottom left Jaleesa, middle Erica, top right Samantha, bottom right Carlita

Lil Cedrick

Ms. Drehym

Bubble Guppie Themed party

I have been stitching my rear off I have many finishes to show off I hope you all like them. I promise not to be so long with an update next time.

Lizzie Kate's Sled Dudes

Let Love Bloom

Front of L*K's Jingle ornament
Back of the ornament

L*K's Jingle

A design for a client this is how he wanted it

Dimension's Banner kit Sweetness of Home


  1. Lots of lovely pictures and great stitching xx

  2. So many birthdays! The grands pictures are gorgeous; love little boys in suits - he looks so handsome! Great stitching too Kim!

  3. Lovely finishes on your stitching and great photos of your family.


  4. Great update lovely family and finishes! Love your grandma piece!

  5. I bet you know how to sing Happy Birthday backwards and forwards by now with all that practice. Love the stitching, and all the photos.

  6. Good heavens! So many birthdays in such a short space of time! Lovely family photos and nice work on the stitching. Where is the Grandma's piece from please?

    1. Thank you Sandie they do keep me busy lol The Grandma piece is Grandma's Place by Design Works it is a kit

  7. You have been as busy as I have. You have a beautiful family. You stitch beautifully as well. Congrats on all the finishes!

  8. Great finishes, love the Grandma's house one!

  9. Great finishes, love the Grandma's house one!