Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Finishes, WIP'S, Challenges, and Haul!

Hi everyone I told you I would be back with a stitchy update a later than expected but never the less I am here as promised! I finished two pieces a couple of months ago one in November the other in December I showed you the Snowman ornie finish for the Christmas ornie exchange on Sisters_Stitching_Sharing_Life. The other is a Lizzie*Kate Do Small Things, I changed all the colors, I used some variegated and some hand dyed specialty flosses. The fabric was a piece a Sister from my Yahoo group Secret Sister exchange had sent me last Spring there was no name on it but it is Aida 14ct and it is mottled its a mint green beautiful coloring!

The challenge I was speaking of is on New Year's Day if we participate(which I did) we had to choose a project, or more that we had been wanting to start and make sure it was all kitted up in time! I call it the New Year New Start Challenge we were only required to put in a few stitches and at some point during the year we have to try to work on it. I started The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery's Story Time Sampler and I have been making awesome progress! I decided to try a rotation there is a first for everything!! I worked on STS for a week I went back to Ink Circles Reflections of NYC and tried to work on it a whole week and that was a no go after four days STS was screaming at me so loud I picked it back up!!!! I love I mean really really love stitching on this fun awesome pattern I ordered 16ct aida Fabric Flair Twilight/silver fabric and I am using DMC threads. There was another challenge I entered into it is to try and stitch up and clear out some of our UFO's that are really close to being finished but need a month or two of some stitchy love and they will be finished. I entered three in this one Door Belles Do Not Disturb, WWS Tribal baby feet and The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery's HalloweenTown.

The haul I ordered from Etsy for the first time I am hooked there are so many awesome items for sale on Etsy one could easily go broke looking around and shopping there all thanks to my stitchy friends the wonderful enablers on Flosstube on Youtube!!!!! I ordered a pattern from the Etsy store AmazingCrossStitch I found the most awesome pattern for my hubby! My hubby and I are both Walking Dead fans my daughter Erica has been watching the show since the first season she introduced us to TWD in season 4 and we have been following the show ever since!!!! The store I mentioned had a pattern of The Walking Dead Characters there are 14 of them on it!!! I am ordering the fabric and threads from I still have a $50 GC and a $10 GC left from my birthday and Christmas so I will use them for the fabric and the threads and a few patterns I have been eye balling in the past few days! Walking Dead Pattern on Etsy

I also ordered a nice set from MaggiesMinders it is a grime guard, an ort bag, and a small snowman needleminder, and a small ruler that can measure the count of your fabric if it isn't marked,for a really good price the set was made immediately when I ordered right before the new year and shipped right away. I gave her shop five stars and I am definitely planning on ordering from her again real soon!!!
I also found another shop through Flosstube I bought two adorable small needleminders from   
Ginas Unique Boutique.
I ordered a mini coffee mug with steam coming out and a circle with types of coffee and coffee beans that are raised up and they feel real it is sooo cool!!! I am so recommending this store to all my stitchy friends she is in CA I ordered on Friday and I have no clue how the heck she did it but on Monday my package arrived from her via USPS. It was wrapped in bubble wrap to protect it from breaking in the mail and she gave me a card with 10% off my next order you can't go wrong!!! I have a bunch of needleminders I would love to order!

My Secret Sister last round sent me all three of Lizzie*Kate's Spooked Mystery Stitch Alongs that I have  been wanting for the longest now I have that one, the A Little Mystery Sampler, Hearts and Holly, and I have part 3 to stitch on the 1st mystery sal that had came out and I will have a finish! I will be updating on a more regular basis now so please hang in there with me and look for progress on my pieces. I have many more I want to and will start this year, I will also do a brief update when I place my 123Stitch order I have $60 to spend so please look for that!

I have one brief piece of family info for everyone I am looking forward to grandbaby 20 sometime around June I will update when I find out a more exact date! I love comments so if you can drop me a line let me know how you are doing and what you are stitching!
Take care and happy stitching until next time..........


  1. Looks like you have all your stitching planned out! I hope it works out for you and you get in lots of Xs. Love how your Ink Circles is coming out! Have fun shopping! :)

  2. That's some great stashing! Your ornament finish is adorable.