Monday, July 18, 2016

2 Brand New Grands in 1 Day!!!

I feel like the luckiest grandma alive on June 25th we were blessed with not 1 but 2 brand new grands!!! We didn't know my DIL was expecting she his the pregnancy from everyone until she went in labor and on June 25th at 4:14 a.m. Zahriannah was born 6lbs 7 ozs very healthy she is beautiful!!! On June 25th at 11:49 p.m. my DD Maria(the daughter battling cancer again) gave birth to a healthy bouncing baby boy. The little guy weighed in at 7lbs 8ozs I got to name him Ameer (it means Prince)Aiden. I am happy to say both mothers and baby's are doing great. The other new grand born March 31st Izyannah is doing great she is growing fast! We had two kindergarten graduations, one preschool, one six grade and a boat load of promotions. On the stitchy front it has been going slow my mojo flew out of the window except for the Mother's day pillow I made for my MIL. Oops forgot one more thing in November my son and DIL are having a baby girl this makes #20, 9 step grands, and oodles of adopted (not officially) but they love me to pieces grands. I stop and think hey I caused all this I was an only child!!! I will update sooner hopefully some stitchy goodness! Pics are in order Zahriannah, Ameer, Izyannah, Anjanique, Amerah, Jarece, and Jamyah. Thanks for stopping by talk to you real soon!
Hugs Kim

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

It's Been A Long While I'm Back!!!! Pic Heavy

Hi to all my followers and fellow bloggers sorry for the long absence  there has been so much going on I will just make a long story very short. We went through all the birthdays and then on March 30th we were blessed with a new family member. My daughter Jaleesa the 4th oldest gave birth to a healthy baby girl at 11:10 p.m. she weighed 7lbs  and was 19 1/2 inches long she has been named Izy'annah pronounced Izy like Icy with a z instead of a c, and annah like Anna from Frozen.
In June my daughter Maria is due with a little boy and in November my son Sam Jr and fiance are having a baby. Our grand total of grands with all the new babies will be 18 come November as of right now it is 16!!

I have been stitching up a storm I have many finishes since I have been away Mantle Mischief by Ursula Micheal Imaginating is one, another is a small Bucilla ornie called Snowmen, I finished a pretty big sized piece called A Very Merry Christmas Town by The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery. I also finished an Ink Circles piece and I am currently finishing up a piece by L*K called Mother for my MIL for Mother's Day, and I am working on a UFO called Do Not Disturb by Needle Treasures Door Belles presently. I have oodles of new charts screaming at me to do new starts but I will get to them in time I think this UFO has waited long enough so it's time for it to be in the spotlight!!!

I won't wait so long to update again next time and I would love to wish all the Mothers out their and grandmothers a Happy Mother's Day for this coming Sunday!
I will try to take pics on the next update of many of my new charts to share all the wonderful new stash I have gotten over the holidays for gifts via GC's from 123Stitch.
Hugs Kim

Monday, May 25, 2015

Some Stitching and Some Life

L*K Hugs & Kisses

L*K Mother

Tote for Mother in Law

Mother's Day bracelet with ring attached

Wonderful Gift basket with all kinds of goodies in it

Beautiful Flowers from my Hubby they are still alive an smell so goooood

A Close up of the tote bag

Hey everyone sorry for the long gap between posts there has been lots going on since March since we left off it was Drehym's birthday. The 30th of April was my grandsons Donovan's birthday and heaven birthday he passed away the day he was born he would have been 13 God had other plans for him we had a dinner and a cake in his honor.April 30th was also my step grand daughter Serenity's 10th birthday. April 2nd was Jarece's 4th birthday we had a nice Spiderman themed party for him. May 9th brought Lil DaVante Jr's 3rd birthday we had a large bbq birthday party for him and his sister Serenity it was a blast! May 10th Mother's Day my oldest daughter Erica's baby father had a wonderful bbq for me and my other daughter Jaleesa, and Erica it was yummy. I received beautiful gifts from my husband, Erica, and Jaleesa I will show pics in this post. May 15th brought us Mariah's 8th birthday she had a really nice Bubble Guppies birthday party boy were there a lot of kids there whew!!!!
I finished a L*K piece called Hugs & Kisses on hand dyed aida bell pull not sure of the color it is a pretty purple though, and I changed all the called for colors to suit the colors I know my daughter Jaleesa would like I will be framing the piece. I finished an adorable mini blue Janlynn tote bag with monogrammed letters I found in Cross Stitch Crazy for my mother in law for mother's day. I was gifted by my wonderful secret sister L*K's Mother chart and the required floss and a beautiful aida 16ct fabric I am working on it and I can't wait to finish it! I am also working on WWS Tribal Baby Feet I had taken a break from it temporarily. I took a leave of absence on Max in the Adironadacks but I will be back to it real soon and I am getting startitis really bad I have yet to see what I will start.

Thank you for staying tuned and reading this far I would have had much more stitching done but I had a epidural spinal injection last week and I get another one this Wednesday on the other side so hopefully I will feel like stitching again sooner this go round. I wanted to share a pic of my new tattoo its a cross stitched heart with a needle and thread I hope you all like it! Please feel free to leave a comment and say hello if you would like I love to hear from you!
Sorry for the sideways pics tried everything to fix them it didn't work!
Sharece (Jarece's 6 yr old brother)

Jarece, Daryl, Jamyah

Cross Stitch Tattoo

Monday, March 30, 2015

Ms.Drehym turns 3 Today!!!!!

Hello everyone just wanted stop by and tell all of you that today March 30th,
Ms. Drehym turns 3. I wanted to share with those that don't know the story Drehym was born 3 1/2 months early weighing 3 lbs she was on the ventilator and respirator, and she suffered and still does with a long named disease called NEC. A large portion of her intestine was removed at a couple of days old she then wore a colostomy bag and a feeding tube until 6 months old. When she turned 6 months old she had another surgery to reverse it, she has been doing very good but her diet is very strictly monitored. Ms. Drehym is a true definition of the word miracle. Happy birthday grandmas miracle baby.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

A few finishes and my current WIP

Stacking Snowmen by Imaginating


CCN Snow Cold

LHN Frosty Forest's Raccoon Cabin

L*K's Tingles


WWS Tribal Baby Feet WIP

 I forgot to include these in my last major update I hope you like my finishes and my current WIP . I will be making one of these for each daughter or son with children one for boys and one for girls. Stay tuned for more finishes in the near future and thanks for stopping by and sharing my world.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Long Overdue Update Pic Heavy

Blog Update for September thru March

Grandmas Pardon the dirt spot

Hi everyone Happy St. Patrick's Day to all my friends, followers, and folks in Blogger land! I have had an extremely long winter one of the coldest February in history so many days under 0! We had lots of snow too!!! I have been a busy grandma, mother, and wife. September brought me my new husbands birthday the 9th, my oldest granddaughter Jamyah's  was on the 8th she celebrated her10th birthday, my granddaughter Amerah's 4th birthday was on the 13th, and my oldest son Jr's 22nd birthday was on the 25th. October brought in my birthday on the 4th, and my grandson Jamari's 8th birthday was on the the 6th. In November we celebrated Anjanique's 3rd birthday on the 11th and Thanksgiving. Fast forward to December we celebrated baby Micheal's 1st birthday on the 3rd, my youngest daughter Samantha's 19th birthday on the 7th, the 14th was Erica's 29th birthday Christmas, and then Baby Trinity's 1st birthday was on the 28th, wheww!!! No January birthdays thank goodness! But Happy Belated New Year to all of you! February brought me quite a few birthday's again, Carlita celebrated her 26th birthday on the 3rd , Jaleesa's 24th birthday was on the 14th, Luis Jr's 5th birthday was on the 16th and Valentine's Day.  March winds blew in Lil Cedrick's 2nd birthday was on the 4th , and Drehym's birthday is on the 30th can you believe she's going to be 3 can you believe its been three years already for those that don't know her story its here on the blog. Erica had a double birthday party for Drehym and Cedrick on the 7th she had a Bubble Guppie's themed party from the Nickalodean it was a success! I have more birthdays to post soon 2 in April, 2 in May none in June thank goodness, July there are 2, August there are 2 also. I will update each month of the birthdays to show you who they all are.
Anjanique  and her Noman

Me and Ms. Trinity
Baby Micheal
Terrible snow

Lil Luis Jr he is a box troll



Top left is Maria, bottom left Jaleesa, middle Erica, top right Samantha, bottom right Carlita

Lil Cedrick

Ms. Drehym

Bubble Guppie Themed party

I have been stitching my rear off I have many finishes to show off I hope you all like them. I promise not to be so long with an update next time.

Lizzie Kate's Sled Dudes

Let Love Bloom

Front of L*K's Jingle ornament
Back of the ornament

L*K's Jingle

A design for a client this is how he wanted it

Dimension's Banner kit Sweetness of Home