Monday, March 30, 2015

Ms.Drehym turns 3 Today!!!!!

Hello everyone just wanted stop by and tell all of you that today March 30th,
Ms. Drehym turns 3. I wanted to share with those that don't know the story Drehym was born 3 1/2 months early weighing 3 lbs she was on the ventilator and respirator, and she suffered and still does with a long named disease called NEC. A large portion of her intestine was removed at a couple of days old she then wore a colostomy bag and a feeding tube until 6 months old. When she turned 6 months old she had another surgery to reverse it, she has been doing very good but her diet is very strictly monitored. Ms. Drehym is a true definition of the word miracle. Happy birthday grandmas miracle baby.


  1. Happy belated Birthday Ms. Drehym! Isn't it just amazing how fast the grow and how much they change in such a few short years! She is just beautiful.

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